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Midwest Bonding Minnesota

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The Process

The process will generally go as follows

You contact a Bail Bond Agent by calling 1-844-744-BAIL.
They will ask you for specific information about your friend/relative who is detained, including the following:

  • What is the person's full legal name?
  • What is the person's date of birth?
  • Who is the arresting agency (CHP, Sheriff, etc)?
  • What county, city, state and jail is the person being held in?
  • What is the booking number?
  • What is the charge?
  • How much is the bail amount?

Your Agent may also require some basic information about the accused's personal history, including where they work, previous arrests, and residency information.

You'll provide the Bail Bond Agent with your information and complete a small amount of paperwork. You'll also provide the Bail Bond Agent with a small percentage of the total bail amount. 

Your Bail Bond Agent will contact the jail facility arrange to have your friend/relative released.

Your Bail Bond Agent will contact you as soon as arrangements have been completed.


We Can Help!

  • 24/7 Minnesota & Montana Bail Bond Service
  • Speedy Jail Release by a local Agent
  • Flexible Interest Free Payment Options
  • Lowest Rates Allowed for Bail Bonds
  • Collect Calls Accepted from all MT/ MN jails
  • We Accept Cash, Checks & Credit
  • Confidential Bail Bond Service
  • Free Warrant Check Information
  • Free Bail Process Information

Call Us Toll-Free by Dialing 844-744-BAIL

(844) 744-2245. We write bonds in the states of Montana and Minnesota. We are your local bondsmen and we're here to serve you!

Your Premier Bail Bonding Company

With Midwest Bonding you are one phone call away from getting your loved one out of any jail in Montana or Minnesota. Just dial 1-844-744-BAIL (1-844-744-2245).

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